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Title: IT Project Manager Company: Liventus
Location: Bangalore, India
Job Description:
Are you CAPM or PMI Certified? Do you have a minimum of three successful years as a IT project manager? Are you able to manage and lead people to complete projects and accomplish company goals? Do you have effective communication skills and do you work well with people? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this may be the job for you.
Job Responsibilities:
Manage/develop the strategic planning for a variety of key projects
Manage key projects across a variety of functional groups
Convert key project strategies into actionable, individual tasks, activities and assignments
Work with other project participants to ensure that progress is being made on key activities, tasks and assignments
Oversee project progress to ensure timelines and due dates are met
Coordinate task lists through the project management system
Interact and coordinate with employees as related to active assigned projects
Interact with suppliers/vendors/third parties as related to active assigned projects
Organize/coordinate weekly progress review meetings with project team members
Manage high priority tasks, enhancements and/or bugs related to assigned projects
Set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor and summarize progress of projects
Build and maintain working relationships with team members, vendors, and other departments involved in the projects
Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of projects
Job Requirements:
3-5 years of successful IT project management experience
CAPM or PMP Certification
Strong computer skills
Stability of employment
Competitive base salary
Accident policy
House rent allowance
Retirement benefits (Provident Fund)
Medical insurance